SN Introduction
We are committed to the choices of green, environmental protection, health, and wisdom, which run through the entire process of technological innovation, corporate governance,and social responsibility.
Company DNA
Being the dedicated helper of Customer Innovation
In the ever-changing market environment, we recognize that innovation is the key driver of corporate development. SN possesses significant core technologies and a strong capacity for innovation. We continuously focus on innovative research and development, taking the lead in green and eco-friendly materials. We are dedicated to understanding your needs, uncovering potential business opportunities, and providing customized innovative solutions. We believe that through our joint efforts, your company will be able to stand out in the fierce market competition and achieve sustainable growth
Our Positioning
Global One-Stop Supplier for Tobacco Packaging Materials
We understand that the choice of packaging materials is crucial in the tobacco industry. It not only concerns the appearance and quality of the product but also directly affects the purchasing decisions of consumers. We are dedicated to providing our customers with comprehensive and integrated packaging solutions to create a unique customer experience.
Make packaging with heart, fill the world with love.
Our company is built on a strong foundation within the industry, driven by technological entrepreneurship, specializing in the field of environmental protection new materials, and committed to continuous sustainable development. Our mission is to be "the dedicated helper of customer innovation."
Hainan Shiner Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hainan Shiner Industrial Co., Ltd. (SN) was established in 1988 and restructured and registered in 2003, with a registered capital of 140 million yuan. SN is a technology-intensive enterprise engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of various functional BOPP films, functional coated films, and laser holographic anti-counterfeit films. Over more than 30 years of development, SN has steadfastly pursued the path of “revitalizing and strengthening the enterprise through technology,” continuously focusing on innovative research and development and taking the lead in the layout of green and environmentally friendly materials.It has now upgraded to become a one-stop global supplier of packaging materials for the tobacco industry, offering eco-friendly and healthy high-tech products such as fully biodegradable films, functional water-based emulsions, tobacco recloseable packages, eco-friendly tobacco innerliners, micro-nano structured color packaging materials, and functional films. The company is currently focusing on research and development and the introduction of more environmentally friendly and valuable production technologies, and will be dedicated to providing lighter, low-carbon, and superior packaging solutions for the tobacco, food, and daily chemical industries. In recent years, SN has undertaken 70 scientific and technological projects at the national, provincial, and enterprise levels and has been awarded more than 70 honors at the national, industrial, and provincial levels. The company has applied for 218 patents and obtained 126 effective authorizations, more than 80% of which have been industrialized, achieving good economic and social benefits and effectively promoting the development of the enterprise.

million yuan
Small-scale and medium-scale pilot test workshops
A variety of professional talents
Integrated R&D building
High-end professional testing and experimental equipment
R&D Platform

"Amassing Technological Energy, Forging the Foundation of Entrepreneurship"

 Our UNICN Innovation Institute focuses on respecting nature and sustainable development as its core values. It continuously researches, introduces, and expands projects in the field of green technology.

Shiner Functional Films National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center was recognized by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2013. Invested and constructed by Hainan Shier Industrial Co., Ltd., it is located in the Shiziling Industrial Park of Haikou National High-tech Zone, Hainan Province. The center focuses on areas such as bi-directional stretching, biodegradability, and water-based materials. It has established sub-platforms for technology research and development, testing and analysis, pilot and scale-up trials, and achievement transformation. It also offers specialized services in areas such as double stretching, blown film, casting, and modification. The center aims to create a one-stop technical service platform for the industry, helping to rapidly improve research and development efficiency and the transformation of achievements.