Product classification
  • First-generation Manual Opening
  • First-generation Manual Opening

    • The appearance and design of the labels are more complex and diverse;

    • The materials of the labels are mainly white PP, bright silver PP, and matte silver PP;

    • There are no specific requirements for the surface tension of the labels.

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Product Description
  • The appearance and design of the labels are more complex and diverse;

  • The materials of the labels are mainly white PP, bright silver PP, and matte silver PP;

  • There are no specific requirements for the surface tension of the labels.

I. Product Introduction

This product is a self-developed innovation tailored for automated cigarette moisture-preservation packaging.
Once cigarettes are sealed by an automated machine, the moisture-preserving packaging’s adhesive label collaborates with the moisture-preserving inner liner during the repeated opening and resealing process.
This groundbreaking packaging approach not only introduces a novel way to package cigarettes but also significantly improves the packaging’s functionality, ensuring the preservation of moisture and fragrance, blocking oxygen and humidity, and maintaining the cigarette’s original flavor.

II. Product Type

■ Recloseable package of first-generation cigarettes

 Manual Opening

The consumer is able to open and reclose the pack manually.

■ Recloseable package of second-generation cigarettes

 Automatic Opening

The Label is attached to the hinge lid and opens with the pack providing smart

pack opening.

Characteristics —— First-generation Manual Opening

  • The labels feature intricate and diverse designs, with a focus on aesthetics.

  • The Materials predominantly include white polypropylene (PP), shiny silver PP, and matte silver PP.

  • There is no specific requirement for the surface tension of the labels.

III. Product Structure 

■ Recloseable Package – Moisture-preserving Inner Liner

The structure of the Moisture-preserving liner is organized as follows:

Functional heat seal layer / Printing / Lamination // Barrier layer // Lamination / Printing / Functional heat seal layer.

Functional heat seal layerA BOPP material developed independently, offering high-speed, low-temperature heat sealing capabilities and compatibility with printing, holography, and embossing processes.

Printing: Conducted using inside printing techniques with cigarette packaging-grade ink, ensuring odorless and solvent-free printing.

Lamination: A solvent-free lamination process, which is odorless and leaves no solvent residue.

Barrier layer: Composed of aluminum foil material, providing moisture preservation, fragrance retention, and excellent barrier properties against oxygen and water vapor, thus protecting the cigarette’s flavor.

■ Recloseable Package – Adhesive label

The structure of the adhesive label is as follows:

Face material layerThis layer is carefully selected and processed to ensure that the label's use and display align with the brand's design philosophy and enhance the customer experience.

Adhesive layer It has excellent initial tack and remains unaffected by temperature and humidity. The label can be opened and resealed more than 50 times without noise and leaves no residue.

Backing paper –This can be either glazing paper or PET base paper, depending on the labeling requirements of different equipment.

IV. Product Features

The materials used in the Recloseable Package and Adhesive label adhere to U.S. FDA and European CE certifications, featuring low VOC and low odor, protecting the cigarette’s flavor and ensuring the safety of cigarette packaging. 

This product merges functional application, brand enhancement, packaging safety, and decorative qualities, representing a new generation of cigarette packaging products.

V.Physical Property Index

■ Recloseable Package – Adhesive label

1LengthmmDesign value ±0.5
2WidththemmDesign value ±0.5
3ThicknessμmDesign value ±2.0
4Number of repeated openingsTimes≥50
5Color difference (△Eab)


≤3.0 (same batch, same color, or benchmark standard sample)

Flat, odorless, no residual glue, no noise

No delamination or residual glue should appear at the U-shaped notch.

■ Recloseable Package – Moisture-preserving inner liner(Film Roll)


The appearance should exhibit a neat, flat surface with no imperfections such as overlaps, wrinkles, scratches, adhesions, delaminations, bubbling, layering, frayed edges, edge whitening, or damage.
The color should be consistent, and all elements such as hues, patterns, text, and lines should be vivid, complete, and properly aligned. There should be no odor, base leakage, or signs of oxidation.

2Unit lengthmmDesign value ±0.5
3Unit widthmmDesign value ±0.5
4Unit thicknessμmDesign value ±3.0

Heat seal strength

 (127℃, 0.1Mpa, 1s)
6Friction coefficient (outer/metal)≤0.3
7Oxygen transmission rate at 23℃, 0%RHcc/m²·24h≤1.0
8Water vapor transmission rate at 38℃, 0%RHg/m²·24h≤1.0
9Core inner diametermmDesign value ±0.5
10Core thickness
11Roll lengthmDesign value ±3.0
12Color difference (△Eab)≤3.0 (same batch, same color, or benchmark standard sample)
13Unit lengthJoints per rollPiece/roll≤2
Per batch%≤30

Label the cores and film rolls with an arrow mark to indicate the direction of unwinding, and then seal them.

Each roll is individually wrapped in a PE bag and separated by foam or cardboard.

The core is centered with a paper tube and secured with strapping;

The spool rolls are packed in a hanging I-shaped box.

VI. Transportation,Storage and Expiration Date

  • During transportation, the product should be shielded from rain, moisture, and excessive pressure.

  • It is crucial not to transport the product alongside toxic, odorous, flammable, or similar hazardous materials.

  • Storage should occur in a dry, clean, odor-free, and well-ventilated environment.

  • The product can be stored in an environment with a suitable temperature range of 20-30°C and humidity level of 0-50% relative humidity for up to one year.

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