SN Successfully Completes Intermediate Speed Machine Trial for Degradable Cigarette Packaging Film at Hunan Changsha Cigarette Factory
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2024-05-31 | 136 Views | Share:

On May 22nd, technical staff from the National Engineering Center of Hainan Shiner Industrial Co., Ltd., led by Professor Yin and Dr. Wen from the Hunan China Tobacco Technology Center, conducted a medium-speed machine trial for biaxially stretched polylactic acid cigarette packaging films at the Hunan Changsha Cigarette Factory. Through careful adjustment of process parameters, the two polylactic acid cigarette packaging films with different thicknesses of 21 micrometers and 28 micrometers demonstrated excellent heat sealing strength and packaging forming quality at a machine speed of 400 packs per minute, proving their superior machine adaptability. The trial received unanimous praise from the on-site evaluation experts of Hunan China Tobacco.