SN Hosts New Product Promotion and Exchange Event at Sichuan China Tobacco
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2024-05-31 | 86 Views | Share:

On May 24th, Mr. Li Tan, Director of the National Engineering Center of Shiner Functional Films National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center led a team including members from the sales department to visit the Sichuan China Tobacco Technology Center, where they conducted a series of promotional and exchange activities for new products. The key products promoted included degradable polylactic acid cigarette films, polylactic acid yarn, aluminum-free high barrier lining paper, and coated strip packaging films for pre-packaging purposes.

The SN team provided detailed presentations on the products they are responsible for to the leadership of the Sichuan China Tobacco Technology Center. Sichuan China Tobacco showed great interest in SN's eco-friendly products and appreciated their innovation. Additionally, they offered valuable suggestions for issues encountered during product development.

This exchange is of strategic importance for the market promotion of new products from SN's National Engineering Center. Following the event, Shiner will provide various samples for trial machine testing by Sichuan China Tobacco and plans to continue monitoring the progress of subsequent collaborations.